Category Diesel C Manual

Toyota Yaris Turbo Diesel
Ford Fiesta Turbo Diesel
Citroen C3 Turbo Diesel
Toyota Yaris Turbo Diesel
Ford Fiesta Turbo Diesel
Citroen C3 Turbo Diesel

Category Diesel C Manual

Practical, spacious and economical cars, that can be easily driven anywhere in Athens and are also a pleasure to drive on highways. Reliable standard cars for city usage and middle distance excursions. Offer excellent fuel saving. Vehicles of Category Diesel C (Ford Fiesta Turbo Diesel, Toyota Yaris Turbo Diesel & VW Polo Turbo Diesel or similar) will never let you down, guaranteeing a pleasant holiday in Greece.

Please note that diesel is available at all Gas stations around Greece as it is commonly used by Taxes , Buses etc.

Our rates are in Euro, all inclusive and with no "Hidden Extras"

Announcement to our current and future customers:
Despite the new directive of the Greek Tourism Organization (G.T.O.) that decided to increase the allowed maximum age of rental cars to 12 years of old and regardless of the economical difficulties in Greece, our agency will not discontinue aiming a renewed fleet averaged of 18 months old and with maximum age of 5 years and without any compromising to our quality of services.


Rental Days 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 21 Days 30+ Days
16/10 - 20/03
32 € 25 € 20 € 19 € 16 €
21/03 - 14/06 &
16/09 - 15/10
38 € 33 € 27 € 23 € 20 €
15/06 - 15/09
55 € 48 € 43 € 38 € 33 €


Air Bag:Yes

Luggage:260 to 280L

Fuel Type:Turbo Diesel Euro-6


CD Player:Yes




Our Rates include

  • Civil liability and third party liability insurance
  • Full insurance C.D.W. (with relevant deductible)
  • Theft and fire insurance
  • Unlimited Mileage for rentals 3 days+. (One and Two days rentals are with limited to 200 kilometers per day)
  • Free additional drivers
  • Free and Pre-Authorized Permission to Ferry our Vehicles to all Greek Islands
  • Express 24 Hour Free Delivery At Athens International Airport
  • 24Hrs road assistance
  • Vehicle Registration Fee (V.R.F.) & VAT 24%
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