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1. Do I need an International driving license ?

Accepted driving licenses (which must be held for at least one year) as per the current law in Greece:

• European (from E.U. Countries)
• Issued from any participant country in Vienna's Convention on Road Traffic.

In case driver’s national driving licenses (which must be held for at least one year) do not match any of the above requirements, valid International driving licenses are required and can be just one day old.

2. What is included on your offer?

  • Our rates include "Civil liability and third party liability insurance"
  • Full insurance C.D.W.(500.00 to 900.00 Euros deductible)
  • Theft and fire insurance
  • Ferry insurance
  • Unlimited mileage for rentals exceeding than 3 days
  • Additional driver
  • 24Hrs road assistance
  • Delivery & collection from Athens International Airport and 24% VAT

3. What is C.D.W. Full Insurance and how it works?

C.D.W. (Collision Damage Waiver) is full insurance that covers the rented car for all kind of accidents committed by the renter and with a maximum deductible per incident as agreed. (The deductible is usually 500.00 Euros per accident for small and midsized cars and can reach 900.00 Euros for luxury cars, minivans and SUVS). This means that if the customer has an accident and it is his fault, the maximum amount he will have to pay for that specific accident is the deductible amount.

Examples for a car with 500.00 Euros deductible:

- An accident with damages of 100.00 Euros, the customer will be debited the amount of 100.00 Euros.
- An accident with damages of 2000.00 Euros, the customer will be debited the amount of 500.00 Euros.

Exceptions in CDW & FDW:

Charges for any of the damages written below will be charged directly to the client, the most important are the following: Antenna, trays, damage to car lock, loss or damage to keys, windshield wipers, interior of the car, spare key and car jack, hubcap, lights, gas cap, damage to upholstery of a car, damages to the roof, damages caused by roof rack and any luggage on it, extreme dirtiness in a car, personal belongings in a rented car, damage due to negligence, fuel errors, damage to child seats and baby seats, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned on electrical devices, loss of car documents, loss of registration plate.

ACR in any case, is not obligated to replace a flat tire or damages in music devices (radio, CD/mp3 player, etc.).
Towing costs are not covered by any insurance.
Athens Car Rental will not refund any telephone, taxi or hotel costs.
Athens Car Rental or the car rental company will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, causing willful damage, off road driving, driving without care and attention or damages caused by negligence and traffic violations.
The client will accept direct responsibility in respect of such claims.
Any unnoticed accident or damage to the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence. (For example, refueling with a wrong type of fuel) This may result in a charge to the client.

4. Is there an option to reduce or eliminate the C.D.W to zero? (Full Damage Waiver, No excess)

For rentals less than 15 days we are not able to provide F.D.W (00.00 Euros deductible). For rentals exceeding 15 days F.D.W can be provided with an additional daily fee (depending on the category and the days of the rental). Even with this option, tires & underneath parts of the car are not covered!

5. What is Theft & Fire insurance?

This insurance reduces the liability of the driver in case of total theft of the vehicle or fire (500.00 to 900.00 Euros depending to the vehicle category). in case of total theft or fire, you must contact our office and  the police and report the incident immediately, submit a copy of the police report, the rental agreement and the Vehicle’s key to our Office. Theft protection does not apply beyond the rental date agreed.

6. What is ACR fuel policy?

Our fuel policy is to return the car with the same fuel level as delivered (Part to Part policy). Upon the delivery of the car we will check together the fuel indicator and the fuel level will be marked on the rental agreement contract. Upon the return of the vehicle, in case the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the actual fuel cost will be requested, no “Refueling Services fee” is applicable at our agency! No refund is applicable for any additional unused fuel.

7. Am I able to take the car on an island during my rental without paying additional fee?

Our offers include Free and pre-authorized permission to ferry the car to all Greek Islands. No additional documentation needed. Ferry Insurance is also included in our quotes.

8. Can I exit the Greek borders?

Unfortunately crossing Greek borders is not allowed driving ACR vehicle’s.

9. I have to pay additional fees for additional drivers?

No! Our offers include additional drivers as long as they have all required documentation and be over 23 years old.

10. Do you provide any extra options like GPS systems or child seats?

GPS System, Baby seats and Booster seats can be provided for an additional fixed rate of 10.00 to 25.00 Euros each (rate is depending on the duration of the rental).

(For the child seats, you will be requested to advise age and weight) 

11. Are you able to deliver or collect the car at/from another location far from the Airport?

Yes, we are able to deliver or collect the car at/from another location in Athens for an additional fee (depending on the location this fee will range between 20.00 and 30.00 Euros).

*For rentals less than 7 days we are not able to deliver or collect any cars outside the Airport area. In this case delivery & collection can be arranged free of charge at the Airport or Metro Koropi Station.

12. How early or late I can pick up or return the car?

Delivery or collection can be arranged 24/7 without any additional charges.

13. I will pick up early morning and I will return the car in the evening. You will charge me with an extra day?

Despite that many agencies are very strict concerning the extra day policy we will not charge you for an extra day if the difference between the delivery & the collection time is 2 hours or less. In case the difference between delivery & collection is more than 2 hours it will be considered as an extra day of rental.

14. Is ACR able to guarantee that I will get the exact car I requested?

We are able to secure a car for the requested period from the selected category (same size, same transmission type, same fuel type) but we are not able to guarantee an exact model for the categories that more than one model is listed. In any case your preference will be noted and we will set as priority.

15. What is the approximate age of the vehicles you provide?

ACR is not following the new directive of the Greek Tourism Organization (G.T.O.) that decided to increase the allowed maximum age of rental cars to 12 years of old and regardless of the economical difficulties in Greece, our agency will not discontinue aiming a renewed fleet averaged of 18 months old and with maximum age of 5 years and without any compromising to our quality of services.

16. Is there any deposit that ACR requires for booking a car?

A small down payment is required in order to finalize the reservation (usualy 10-15% of the total agreed rental amount, exact amount will be advised through our quote). The deposit can be submitted through our secure online payment system here: www.athenscarrental.com/pay (please make sure that you will proceed with the deposit through internet explorer and cookies option is turned on) Also credit card details can be sent by e-mail.

17. My trip is canceled do I have to pay for a cancelation penalty?

On an unfortunate event that your trip has to be canceled, you will not pay any penalty fee for the cancelation. The deposit amount will be refunded in full in case we are informed ahead of your scheduled arrival 7 to 15 days (depending on the agreed reservation). The deposit is also not refundable in case upon delivery of the car, renters are missing the mandatory documentation or don’t fulfill the requirements as per the rental conditions & FAQ.

18. What if I decide to extend/reduce the period of my booking while I have the car or a few days before the delivery?

You can reduce or extend the length of your car rental but please consider that the daily rate is a variable depending on the days of the rental. We will appreciate informing us prior to your arrival about any changes. Please note that during the high season of the summer we are not able to guarantee your request to be satisfied.

19. Can I pay with my credit card / debit card for the car rental?

Payment with credit card or debit card can be arranged without any additional fees

20. Is there any amount that will be blocked / freezed from my credit card / debit card?

Upon your arrival we will proceed on a pre-authorization to your credit card / debit card.
The pre-authorized amount corresponds to the agreed deductible amount.
Please note that a reversal request will be forwarded the next day of the vehicle collection and without any damages occurred during the rental period.

As advised by the bank, please note the below procedures:
• Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinners) amount will be released within 15 to 25 working days from the day you drop off the vehicle.
• Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) amount will be released within 60 to 90 working days from the day you drop off the vehicle.

Our agency is not able to affect this procedure. The process time depends on the bank issuing the credit card / debit card.
Even for a rental with F.D.W. insurance purchased, this procedure is the same for security reasons.

Due to out-of-our-hands delays with the above automated bank process and many complains from our customers, alternative options are implemented in order to speed up the release of the guaranty amounts:
• Option 1 is to have “the agreed deductible amount” debited to your credit/debit card upon the delivery of the car (instead of preauthorization). And, upon the collection of the car, after checking for any damages or balances, the amount is refunded/credited with immediate effect.
• Option 2 is to provide a cash guaranty corresponding to the deductible amount (in addition to the rental amount) and will be returned upon the return of the car also in cash.

Please note that: Any exchange rates variations are customer account’s obligation.
Debit/Credit transactions may have a delay of up to three working days to appear on your credit card statement (excluding weekends and Holidays).

21. Once i reach Athens International Airport, how I will pick up the car?

We will track online your flight and a member of our crew will be waiting for you at the arrival hall holding a sign of your name.

After collecting your baggage and exiting to Immigrations for passport control (immigrations is not required for Intra-Schengen Countries).
You will be exiting from one of the two terminals Terminal A (Extra-Schengen) or Terminal B (Intra-Schengen) into the Arrival Hall and you will meet our representative.

The car will be right parked outside and for the paper work, it will not take us more than 5 minutes to fill in the documentation (It would be advised, to have ready the driving license and passport or ID of the drivers). Then you are ready to start your journey in Greece!

22. What is the policy on off-road driving?

ACR vehicles (including 4x4 models) are strictly not allowed to be driven off-road.

23. What do I have to do in case of an accident or mechanical failure of the vehicle?

In case of an accident or mechanical failure of the vehicle, you should immediately contact us. In the glove box compartment of the vehicle you will find an plastic envelope with our emergency contacts and the paperwork of the vehicle. Once you contact with us, we will give you instructions of how to proceed.

In case the car can’t be repaired on site or the near area, we will arrange for a replacement car within the next 24 hours.
Please Note: In case of accident exposure, the event log report from the police and photos, are required for any insurance claiming.

24. At the end of my trip what is the process I have to follow to return my rented car?

A member of our crew will be waiting for you again at the departures level of the airport. The exact details (Exact date and time, Departure Door etc) will be discussed upon the delivery of the car with our representative. In case of an earlier return or unexpected delay, you are kindly requested to advise us ahead.

25. Must I bring back the car washed?

No! You don’t have to wash the car. The fee for washing the car is already included in our rates. Only in extreme cases where the interior of car is not treated correctly (eg. Coffee, mud, sand..etc..)