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Central Greece Routes

a) Nafpaktos

Nafpaktos is a seaside city in the Corinthian gulf, opposite from the city and harbour of Patra. It is one of the oldest Greek cities that experienced times of great prosperity and was associated with significant historical events. Located 217km from Athens. At Nafpaktos visitors can see the well preserved castle which dominates the pine-covered hills behind the city, the Venetian harbor, traditional houses in the city center and walk along the paved cobbled roads. They can also visit the old family mansion of Botsari, which converted into a private museum and the museum "Farmaki" (museum of the national liberation struggle of 1821). Except the historical monuments the area features natural attractions like the beautiful clear waters of Nafpaktos's beaches, Psani and Grimpovo, and at the nearby beaches of Fokida's villages.


b) Delphi

Delphi was an important ancient Greek city, as there, operated the most important oracle in the ancient world. The archaeological site of Delphi is located 187km from Athens and is very close to Arachova, Itea and the beautiful and picturesque Galaxidi. Here visitors have the opportunity to see the ruins of the Oracle of Delphi, which was considered the navel of the earth. The stractures of Delphi that survive until today are considered as one of the most important archeological monuments of ancient Greece. Visitors will be able to admire the Temple of Apollo, Treasuries, Theatre, Tholos, Gymnasium, Stadium.


c) Arachova

Arachova is a very famous and beautiful winter resort. Built at the height of 1000 meters on the southern side of Mount Parnassos. It is the ideal destination for winter, because it is very close to the ski center of Parnassos. Located very close to Athens, just 160km and close to Livadia (25km), Delphi (8km), Galaxidi (30km) and Itea. The area of Arachova is famous from ancient history and features many ancient settlements. Every year in Arachova village takes place the well-known "Panygiraki of St. George". Three days of celebration are dedicated to the protector of Arachova St. George. At the summer the access to the sea is easy and within 30 minutes' drive visitors can go swimming to Itea or Antikira.


d) Hosios Loukas

The monastery of Hosios Loukas is probably the most important monument of the Middle Byzantine era in Greece. The monastery of Hosios Loukas is known for its long life (about 10 centuries) and its role in major historical events. The monastery is a place of outstanding architecture and wealth. Well known are the mosaics on the roofs of its temples made of gold. Constitutes World Heritage of UNESCO since 1990. Visitors, except of the temples, can admire the magnificent views, enjoy the journey through the lush landscape and feel refreshed from the magnificent climate. Hosios Loukas is located very close to Livadia (2km), Arachova (33km) and Delphi (45km).